cropped-Thea-at-Dilettante-in-Seattle.jpgMSS Editing is a full-service, manuscript-editing boutique founded by Thea Swanson.  MSS Editing is different from other manuscript editing providers in that every manuscript received is edited by Thea; manuscripts are not farmed out to less-qualified readers in order to get through the stack. Instead, Thea offers a unique, highly personal approach to your manuscript.  Your words are important to Thea because they are important to you.  Whether you want a thorough literary critique of a novel or short story, editing of a non-fiction book, or careful proofreading of a proposal, Thea provides expert and professional editing of your work.


Thea Swanson has been writing, editing and teaching for twenty years. In addition to publishing her own short stories in numerous literary journals, she edited technical guides at Simon & Schuster, taught English and Creative Writing at West Sound Academy, taught English and Film at Olympic College, and currently edits peer-reviewed, scientific journals for a smart research team in Washington.  She has given literary readings at Richard Hugo House in Seattle and been nominated for literary awards.   She holds an MFA in Writing from Pacific University in Oregon where she honed her craft with award-winning authors.  Her debut novel, The Curious Solitude of Anise, which was released in 2013, has received excellent reviews from Kirkus Reviews, Switchback, Amazon, and Goodreads.  She is now at work on her second novel.


Thea L Swanson, EzineArticles Basic Author